Saturday, August 20, 2011

True Character: Gary Johnson's (Second) Best Asset.

Governor Gary Johnson hasn't been gaining national media attention.  Rep. Ron Paul, with very similar ideological views, has been the one in the GOP leading the race among fiscal conservative social Libertarians.  However, Gary Johnson has character: something that will maintain his image for now, and the future.

Gary has been a guest speaker at Campaign for Liberty (An organization created with Ron Paul's leftover campaign funds) events and a headlining speaker at the Rally for the Republic.  Rather than all talk, no action, like most candidates nowadays, he lets his track record speak for itself.

Gary Johnson's donations, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (See link on right) are primarily from American small to medium sized businesses.  Thanks to his position as governor in New Mexico, he oversaw some of the highest private-sector job creation in the nation.

He even sent out a happy birthday wish to his current GOP rival, Rep. Paul today. 
Happy birthday, Congressman Paul! Keep up the fight for limited government, individual liberty, and sound money.
Gov. Johnson has character, he has a proven track record, he has respect for other candidates.  Watch the debates on September 7th and 12th on MSNBC and CNN, respectively.  You can listen yourself and see what Gary Johnson has done.