Monday, August 15, 2011

The Media Doesn't Like Ron Paul, But You Should

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that has lasted for decades.  The media says "this person is unelectable."  The media doesn't cover them.  Why?  Because they say they are unelectable.  A vicious cycle that never ends.

How do we end this?  We actually have to care.  Our press is not a free press.  Our press is based on profits, pandering, and the status quo.  As a proponent of freedom, I believe the media should function as a watchdog over the government, not serve as a lapdog to their special-interest wants.

All of the major networks disregard Ron Paul.  They invite him to the debates because they HAVE to, based on their "1% or higher polling results in 5 national polls in the last 6 months" standards, which are pretty straight-forward.  Even though Ron Paul's true followship isn't as large as that of the mainstream candidates, they are strong enough to keep his campaign fresh, alive, active, and enthusiastic.  On CNN, Stephanie Miller said, "My favorite part of the debate [in Ames] Thursday night is that, you know, Rick Santorum broke the golden rule of Republican debate and that's pretending that Ron Paul is invisible."  It is sad to hear, but true.  Ron Paul was cancelled from 3 morning shows Sunday following the Ames Straw Poll, because Michele Bachmann would "make a better story."  OK.  Now we know the Media doesn't like him.

Why should YOU like Ron Paul?  You don't have to be a Republican to like him.  In fact, most of his supporters are Libertarians who register Republican to vote for him, or Independent candidates.  (Interestingly enough, there is a small, but growing Blue Republican movement to draft disgruntled Democrats to register Republican for one year, just to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.)

Ron Paul, first and foremost, completely opposes our foreign wars.  They kill millions, destroy cities, rack up outrageous debt in the United States, and have no results other than the capture of one figurehead.  The problem with the wars?  They are on an idea.  You cannot kill an idea.

Ron Paul voted against TARP, believing that rewarding failure in hopes that it will boost the economy is wrong.  It didn't work.  He was right.

Ron Paul opposes torture and cruel and unusual punishment, which are used at Guantanamo Bay as "interrogation methods."  They are a crime against humanity.

Ron Paul opposes the PATRIOT Act, which strips Americans of their liberties for the mythical benefit of "security."  We are no more secure now than we were before the PATRIOT Act.  In fact, the more wars we cause, the more international outrage we create, and the more people become our enemies.

Ron Paul supports what YOU believe in, and what you stand for.  How, do you ask?  The 10th Amendment.  He may disagree with you, but he believes that all functions outside of the Constitution should be left to the states, as MENTIONED in the Constitution.  That means, even though he disagrees, he will NEVER impose his personal views on abortion, religion, marriage, or gun laws on YOUR state.  It is up to the people to decide what they believe is right and wrong.

If you are happy with the status quo, (86% of Americans aren't, and if you are reading this far down, you probably aren't) then vote for Obama, or whatever standard, run-of-the-mill special interest group you like to support.  (Fun fact!  Goldman Sachs donated money to both Obama AND Romney for their campaigns.  Looks like they are already secure in case they need a bailout in the future.)

If you aren't happy with the status quo, register Republican, just for one year, and vote for Ron Paul in your state's primary election.  The fate of a falling nation rests in your hands.