Friday, August 26, 2011

Letter to the Editor: The American Spectator

 Recently I read an article about Dr. Ron Paul.  It can be found here.  I was outraged by the amount of opinion interjected into this article based on skewed facts and misconceptions.  I, as someone who often writes letters to the editor, was forced to write to him.

Mr. Jeffrey Lord:

After reading the article entitled “Ron Paul and the Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign.” I have noticed that the “liberal” views he has are actually misinterpreted in the article.

The Founding Fathers, although you mention they were “interventionists,” actually were standing for their own principles, and those of the original Right.  The Monroe Doctrine was not intervention, as Monroe never HAD the power or army to threaten any international meddling in the Americas, rather he was making a point that autonomy would be supported and backed by the United States against European oppression.

America is the true isolationist now.  We refuse to discuss any sort of negotiations with Iran, we refuse to speak to Castro as leader of Cuba.  Rather, we ignore them, sanction them, embargo them, and allow the people of those nations to suffer by avoiding diplomacy.  We have no true allies (aside from Israel, to whom we give billions in aid each year in hopes that they will remain an ally.) and no true friends worldwide that are not upset by some of our interventions.  We are the definition of an isolationist nation, only dealing with other nations through military force when we feel threatened.  Otherwise, we continue to borrow money that we cannot repay, and barely make diplomatic amends or even attempt to reduce our debt by ending our foreign, oft unprovoked wars.

Non-interventionists fail to find a scapegoat for calls to intervene in wars?
  An honest politician like Ron Paul does not NEED to blame anyone.  If you watch any debates, he does not attack personal character, he does not say anyone is wrong, he merely “has a different opinion on that subject.”  Dr. Paul uses intellect to defeat their ideas, not to defeat the person.  It is the idea of freedom that prevails.

On the Anti-Semitism charges against Ron Paul, a man who was involved in Anti-Semitism in his day who wrote a book on the similarities of the US to Germany does not an Anti-Semite make.
  Dr. Paul simply LISTED a book that relates the US to Germany as a recommended read.  He did not say the author was one of his inspirations, he believed the writings display a sound comparison the fascism and the US.

Ron Paul was a good friend of Ronald Reagan, and looked to him for inspiration.  The words of someone who supports Paul’s principles are in NO WAY the same beliefs of Dr. Paul.  One cannot take the words a Hitler supporter says in distrust about Mussolini and believe that Hitler did not consider Mussolini an ally.

Once again you use Murray Rothbard, someone who supports Paul’s principles, as the reason Paul is so against the “conservatives.”
  Modern conservatives are not true conservatives.  They have made no noticeable action to solve any economic problems in a conservatively traditional and fiscal way.

Palin is a “conservative” who wishes to impose her own views on Americans.  A true conservative would never interfere in the daily happenings of citizens, be it in the bedroom, in their workplaces, or in their freedom to choice of course of action in any case.  Federalists, like Palin, are considered “liberal” or progressive, because they support a Federal government taking away the rights of American people to make mistakes, to define marriage as they wish, to use marijuana for medical purposes, and to continue a failed drug war.

Michele Bachmann is not a true Tea Partier, as Ron Paul had originally begun the movement.  She is a social conservative.  Social conservatism strips individuals of freedom.  She uses the Tea Party as a medium to gain support with conservatives who agree with the tax opinions of Paul, but also have socially conservative leanings.

Ron Paul’s campaign blogger is not Ron Paul.  He speaks about Paul, but does not speak on behalf of Paul’s stances.

Paul believes that education should be left to the local level.
  Parents should choose how their children are educated.  There IS no re-education in question.  It is mis-information that America is being fed.  Ron Paul is simply providing another perspective.

Thank you for your time.
  I do hope that one day the “news” will return to being facts, and not opinions.  It is the duty of a reporter to report facts, and not opinions.