Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Johnson's Name Building Race?

As much as I may support Gary Johnson's views and his candidacy for President, I have come to an unfortunate position that this year is not his year.  I would love for him to be our President, but at this point in the race, without having raised at least a million dollars, he is trailing most of the other candidates who all say the same things.  Perhaps, though, to any other Johnson supporters, he would be better suited as a VP running-mate?

I hope everyone understands that it is against campaign law to choose a running-mate before receiving the nomination.  That being said, IF Ron Paul were to win the nomination (and he has had consistently-growing poll numbers in the past 3 months, which makes sense when you realized that a Ron Paul supporter, or a Gary Johnson supporter, does not defect because a new name drops into the race.  They are proud to stand behind their candidates.) I have a feeling Paul will choose Johnson as his running-mate.  Think about past events, at Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic in 2008, Gary Johnson was one of the main speakers.  They both share essentially the same views on government and its role in the life of citizens of the United States.  They have a mutual respect and understanding for each other, even as rivals.

Many candidates use their first presidential bid as a name-building platform.  People are starting to KNOW who Gary Johnson is.  They are starting to understand how much he supports liberty and sound budgeting.  I believe the BEST way to spread his message would be, rather than vote for Johnson in the primaries (even though I really believe he would be an outstanding President), vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.  You may not agree with this stance, but this is my logic.

Ron Paul is becoming a national household name.  He has published 5 books about liberty, tyranny, and what the government is doing wrong.  He is in EVERY debate, manages to stay above 5% in every national poll, and is within one percent of Obama in most polls, too.  With stances so similar to Johnson, as well as a voting record to back up his claims, Ron Paul is a legitimate candidate for 2012.

If this primary season, Johnson supporters could wait for one more 4 year period... and put their vote instead to Ron Paul, they would be doing perhaps a larger service to Gary Johnson than if they voted for HIM in the primaries.  Think about it:  Ron Paul would consider running with only ONE candidate in 2012: Gary Johnson.  No one else has the same views, no one else is outside of the mainstream as much as Gary Johnson.  If Ron Paul wins the nomination, Gary Johnson would be almost undoubtedly his running mate.  HOW could a democrat who is upset with Obama resist a ticket with anti-war, pro-legalization, pro-gay marriage candidates?  They are about liberty, freedom, and privacy.

Let's be honest.  Which would build a bigger name for Gary Johnson?  An unsuccessful GOP bid, or being the running-mate on the national GOP ticket?  It happened for Sarah Palin, why not Gary Johnson?

Ron Paul in the Primaries, Ron Paul/Gary Johnson in the general election.  This is my position.